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Below are three options for navigating the content of this site. The full archive will be a list of every article by chronological order of events. The second links to subarchives by era, each of which lists articles roughly chronologically with occasional jumps to maintain cultural continuity. The third is a series of links to tags (I expect these to change a fair amount as I write).

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1. A Kind of Typist’s Ribbon, Battered and Dry: The General Archive

2. Rocks in the River, Placed by Long Forgotten Gods: Archive by Period

Very Old BC – 4,000 BC (Paleolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic, Chalcolithic)
| Yelling and fur and fire.
| The years of living wantonly.
| Neolithic revolution. Holocene.
| Burned House Horizon. Clovis. Domesticate everything.
| Cities that are not, in fact, cities.
| Ötzi bleeds to death.
| An idiot invents civilization. Cowards fail to murder him.
4000 BC – 600 BC (Bronze Age, Iron Age)
| Civilization asks to be let in everywhere. Incidentally, the first vampire myths.
| Writing.
| Valdivia Culture, Norte Chico blissfully ignorant that they will be forgotten.
|  Enter megabuildings, exit megafauna.
| (This is mostly war)
| Olmec leave stone heads around, accidentally deified.
| 1177 BC: A total fucking shitshow.
| Hobbling on. Also, big rocks.
600 BC- 500 AD (Axial Age, Classical Antiquity)
| Classicalest Antiquity.
| Two mayas: Maya civilization; Maya, the mother of Buddha.
| The Axial Age. Enormous brains everywhere. Gigantic.
| Moche, Nazca, Tiwanaku.
| The PC Police won’t let me tell you about. They nailed him to a. Year Zero.
| Han doing good for some period, then less so. Christianity.
| (This is also mostly war)
| Honestly, no one comes out of this one looking very good.
500 AD – 1492 AD (Post-Classical Era, Middle Ages)
| Europe mostly mud that is somehow on fire. Other places better.
| Islam, Vajrayāna, Nestorians.
| The Franks get soft, Islamic World saves Classical culture, start of the libs.
| Vikings own the libs. Mongols own the libs. Plagues own the libs.
| Aztec Triple Alliance consolidates power.
| Two hemispheres meet. It does not go well.
1492 AD – 1789 AD (Early Modern)
| Hard to properly express how not-well it continues going.
| Incan Empire has a massive civil war. Amazingly bad timing.
| Spanish Empire, Mughals, sun kings, religious wars.
| Italy, shockingly, somewhat important. Lazily rolls over, begins a slow decline.
| Some science or whatever.
| China un’Ming’ed, immediately Qing’ed.
| 1776. Love reacts only.
| Jesus Christ, France.
1789 AD – Now (Modern)
| Napoleon gets his own mark. Big boy.
| Nationalism, colonialism, birth of the modern world.
| (This is also mostly war)
| Historicism invented. End of history immediately invented.
| More science, if  you’re into that.
| Several decades of astonishingly bad ideas.
| The Russians are briefly important.
| The Russians resume their rightful place.
| In which history ends and everyone is kind of dissatisfied.
| In which history resumes and everyone is very dissatisfied.
| …

3. Abstractions and Ideas, Evaporating: Archive by Theme

Archive by theme




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