This is a blog about history. I am not a historian. It’s intended to be mostly linear, starting with the start and ending with the end. It will fail, probably. I expect it to last many years. Right now, much of it is under construction, but I hope there’s some sense of what the project is.

Here is an introduction and here are a few different ways to navigate the site.

My name is Lou Keep. I also run the blog sam[]zdat, which is much crueler and focused on modern politics and philosophy. Tauromachy is not about those things, though you can make it be about those things if you want.

I make no promises about length or quality of posts. Some will be long reflections, others quick description, others quotes from books, some will probably just be links, I imagine there will be a few pictures here or there.

Direct your complaints to luukeep @ outlook .com

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